Sunday, August 9, 2015

Quirky Dutch Summer

While i was checking out 
Roben-Marie Smiths blog HERE
for the DLP inspiration
i stumbled upon Quirky Dutch Summer!
Check out her blog post

what a great idea!!!
Check it out

i was so excited to see this video...
i kinda forgot about the DLP and found some 
boards to work on...
love her style so i wanted to try this!

i followed her directions...
and went a stray here and there,
heres how it went!
just images,
no words! See Roben-Marie's post
for her directions..
i went a little a stray here and there!

Thank You Roben-Marie that was fun!!!


  1. Beautifully done - I really love the colors and the art work.
    Sandy xx

  2. Wow! Love the colors and composition. You took this to another level!

  3. Love your post here. Beautiful pieces. I am inspired by this stencil too!

  4. What beautiful work, the colors and the designs!

  5. Beautiful colouring. Love the backgrounds too.

  6. Really nice colors and looks like lots of fun. I love Roben Marie, too - I need to go check this out, but I really love your work here!

  7. Very nice work and colors are awesome.