Monday, August 10, 2015

DLP # 27


July 18th challenge

Art Challenge: Photographs & Memories

Journal Prompt: " All that I have to remember you"
-Jim Croce

For More info on the 
Documented Life Project
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At Art to The 5th

i didn't follow the prompt on this one exactly...

since i made a page about my mom, 
i wanted to do one about my dad,
he passed away almost 14 years ago but i still
think about him and talk to him all the time.
my mom has a rabbit thats always hanging out at her house,
i always tell her its dad checking up on things!!

i wanted it to have the color scheme of Stephanie Ackerman...
love her work!!
so off to pinterest!

here's how it went...

the butterflies from Tim Holtz...

ok this was randomly by accident!!  
Look at the pages i grabbed from my scrap of dictionary pages!!

ok enough of that!!

paint scrape add color!!

somewhere along the way i forgot about the camera 
and just was very involved in what i was doing

i made a tag and used my own sentiment...
i want to put a picture in with the note...

thx for stopping by!!!

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