Creating Art at The Speed of Life

Or in my case crawling at the speed of life!!
I started this in January with the intentions of going through it really fast.  Then life happened!
Here are the pages that are finished so far with there corresponding critique page.  When I finally do more I will add them to the blog.

First two pages are color theory activities.

Lesson 7, no critique sheet

As I get more pages done I will add them.

Have you done any? If so please share!

Comments are always welcome!


  1. I love that you shared your pages here! I too started and then got sidetracked with some quilting and some watercolor sketching and the next thing you have inspired me to go back in and see what I started! Love your pages!

  2. Ditto. I think I need to get back to these pages, but when november is over, perhaps! Your pages are great!

  3. You are so dag gone good - I would be tickled pink to be half as good - who am I kidding - one fourth as good!
    Sandy xx

  4. is this an art online workshop you are taking from Pam or are you following her book?