Left Over Paint Page Challenge

Always a challenge, what to do with that left over paint on your palette, or in my case my paper plate! Here are some of the left over paint pages created from the stencils.  I feel like this is reverse painting!  Here's some shapes on a page, figure out what to do with it!  It really is a challenge!

If you've made some pages like this please share!


This one needs some explaining.  My twin sister had a stroke almost a year ago.  She is still in recovery, during the summer break I will be helping her three days a week.  One of the afflictions of her stroke is aphasia.  Her words get very jumbled.  The before page is what I visualize what is going on in her head.  Its not a bright cheery page, just how I felt after spending the day with her.  She is a very brave person and I would do anything for her.

Some More Pages That Are finished:

One More done.......Lots more to do!!!!

This was left over black paint & bird stencil.
Created the salt watercolor background......Keepin it simple!!

The left over paint on this was the green & Blue pattern...

It then became the first fall tree....

Another tree!!  It was a ghost print of left over paint...

It turned into this......

March 18th 2015.....


  1. Very good, I am impressed.

  2. You're very good! Thanks for the ideas for using left over paint!