Thursday, August 6, 2015

DLP #25....I think!!


July 4th challenge

Art Challenge: Using Old Maps,
Tickets, & More

Journal Prompt: Life with a history

For More info on the 
Documented Life Project
Visit the ladies 
At Art to The 5th

I wanted to do a page about my mom...

I didn't come out quite the way i planned...
but thats ok...

i used an old calendar image i found,
and a picture of her from when she was little...

she's 83 now, i wish she had never stopped
sewing and making her crafts, it would have been good
for her mind, but were supposed to learn from our parents..
so never stop!!

thats a color copy!
not the original!!

some stenciling & color...

done...for now...i think!

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