Tuesday, August 18, 2015

DLP 28


July 25th challenge

Art Challenge: Real Life

Journal Prompt: At This Moment

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Documented Life Project
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my take was just what i had in my head
and felt like painting...

and then this let to that!!!

and here's how it went....

i just did what ever came to mind ...
at that moment, 
just playing with paint...

swiped around the page

some drawing

ok that color was a BIG mistake!!

my new favorite tool...fine line applicator... but...
another big mistake! I should have waited!

fixed my mistakes and added background color..

some doodling...

and done...

then this happened!!!

see it right up top!! it was the cause!!

2 turned into 3!!!

then 4....

and now on my easel is a 24x30!! more to come!!!!

Thank you for the inspiration Art to The 5th!!!


  1. These are fantastically beautiful!!!! They need to be hanging on a wall in a gallery somewhere! I have canvas and am afraid to touch it.....but this is just beautiful....made me smile......carry on!

    1. Thank you so much! Don't be afraid of those canvases...just slap some paint on, play some music and start!

  2. I love stories with happy endings!

  3. I love your colors and creativity! Great job :)

  4. It just so fun when you share the process....who would think the final outcome. Just beautiful...the colors, the contrasts....love it!

  5. How exciting when a journal page spirals out of control and you end up with an awesome series! Love the layers of happy colors and the flowers. Look forward to seeing where the large version goes - and that fine line applicator - I must get one of those!

  6. gorgeous pages...and adore how those canvases came out! awesome!

  7. Oh what fun to see how it all progressed! You ended up with a bunch of nice paintings!

  8. They are all so pretty and lively. Such wonderful things come from art playtime

  9. Yup! Very cool! Isn't it interesting how one thing can lead to so much more? Wonderful mini canvases!

  10. Love these patterns and the fabulous happy colors!

  11. Oh wow, this page turned into a phenomenon! So happy for you - on a roll! Cool work!