Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Art Challenge.....List.... Where did you go

 This weeks summer art challenge is Where did you go.  I was so excited when I saw this because we actually went some where! We just got back from a week in Maine. We had a great time, just the four of us, and off course Winston, our crazy dog.

Erin hasn't started her page...she's busy 

Making her Duct tape Bag....She is obsessed with duct tape! In a healthy way!
Here she is busy at work making a pocket book.  I am sure she will get to her page before the weekend is done.

I am always interested to see the steps people take to get to a finished piece.  So I snapped a few pictures along the way!

First I started with a doodle, that piece of paper on top, next to it is a picture we bought while in BarHarbor.  That was my inspiration.
I brought back a lot of info & maps, and even deli paper from a restaurant that had some cool printing on it.  People will give you anything if you ask nicely!!!  So all ofthat got torn up and put in, oh and a quick sketch of the images.

Next I painted the images with Golden Fluid Acrylic.  Knowing that the transparency of the paint would show the layers.  And also regular acrylics for some opaqueness.

After I finished painting I stamped the image with cardboard. This is the same technique I used for the background of my blog.  I really love doing this, it gives a perfectly imperfect feel, a loose running line.

Andy Warhol used a blotted line technique when he was a graphic designer, and I love the look of his illustrations, a loose, running line that also provides contrast, a bit of snap!  I did this in school with a class once and got hooked!  Although my technique is different he is my inspiration!

Detail Of Page

Finished Page

Thank You Miriam for your challenges!


  1. This really came out beautiful! I love seeing your interpretation and all those fabulous layers. Makes me long to go to Maine

  2. A really wonderful journal spread. Love your painting style in it.
    I'm here from Julie FFB's blog.

  3. That is funny, I saw your artwork and immediately thought of home, Maine. Even before I read your description. I was born and raised in Maine, but have not lived there for about 24 years. Wonderful work, thanks.

    1. Thank You so much! We loved it there and so glad you liked the work.