Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer Art Challenge

This weeks summer art challenge from from the Art Blog for Creative Living is to list who is important to you.
Thats a tough one!  So many names so little space!
The page is only so big...

I had several thoughts on this one.  I knew I wanted to add the tree, (love The Tree Of Life by Gustav Klimt.)  At first I was going to add the names in the tree but then I got the idea go the sun, so instead of listing everyone individually I put family names in.  The individual names are my kids&husband.  There is also some journaling in the tree.
Hope you like!

Tree Detail
Sun Detail

Erin went in a different direction with her page.  She's more about the tactile elements.  She had me write the names in for her, she loves script but hasn't learned it yet.  That will be waiting for her in September at school!  She also loves tape!
One side of her page represents the sun and the other the moon.

Detail of Erin's Page

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