Thursday, July 24, 2014

Open a New Door....

I love the idea of doors.
I love the idea of the new, change, shake it up!

This is my interpretation of a photograph I took in Maine.  There was this door placed in-between 2 shops.  It was was just so intriguing.  What was back there.
I like doors! You never know!!

Enjoy!  Here was the process.....

First the Sketch

The black

Stamping in the detail

I think I'am figuring out my style!!!!


  1. I love your painting - a fantastic door -- so much depth and interesting spots going on in this piece- amazing!

  2. O wow. Your pages are AMAZING. I love them all, particularly the one with the sweet faces in the middle of the flowers and the minibook is wonderful.

  3. That’s amazing! I admire your artistic idea for that door. Whatever or whoever motivated and inspired you to create such design should really be thanked. Hahaha! Thank you for sharing that wonderful masterpiece of yours, Denise! Kudos and all the best to you!

    Lynne Hollaran @ Sub Urban Glass