Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I just kept making a mess!

From this page came a lot of left over paint, a mess and more projects!

I had a lot of left over paint, again, I think I need not pour so much when Iam working!  But I just can't help it sometimes!  I pour a color then decide I don't want to use it, you know the same old story!

So with the left over paint I decided to make some patterns on deli paper.  I've only used it a couple of times, sometimes it works sometimes it does not.  I am sure I am doing something wrong with the gel medium.  If you have any suggestions let me know!

Some of the patterns from the stencils are not store bought in the traditional sense.  Yes they came from the store, but on various boxes of food!  Hey they've made perfect die cut shapes, why not use them!

Others are from traditional stencils.  I figured If I don't get the deli paper to work right they will be great background noise in something!

Heres a few pictures of the mess I made!  Its amazing how time flies when your left alone!

I added more leaf shapes to the bird page in my left over paint book.  Maybe I will get back to it soon!

Some more of my mess!  In this picture you can see the "real" stencils, some of my hand cut ones that I made from cereal boxes, and cut up tubes on the plate.  The tubes are how I stamped the flowers in the Flower Child page.

And finally everything I got 3 hours! Then I had to go pick up the kids from camp!

There's a journal page, and deli pattern paper, and note cards to finish oh my!  Now when will I be left alone again!

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