Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer Art Challenge.......Alliteration Name Game

This weeks challenge from Shulman Art Blog is alliterations.  The goal was to use only the first letter of your first name and find the words to describe you using that letter.
Sounds easy......not so much!

First Erin's Page!

She decided to work on the floor since her art table is in production making duct tape bags.  She's really good at making them too! Yesterday we refilled her supplies, got some books and new tools for her to use. Thank God For Coupons!  We have a very expensive hobby!

She redid her page too. The easiest part of this challenge was opening the dictionary and listing words.  It went down hill from there!!
Erins' Page

Detail of upper right. I accidentally cut it off in the photo

So I started out with  good intentions and then it went wrong......horribley wrong!!  
But as Tim Gunn says... "Make it Work".

So I made a collage with some dictionary pages and put a little teal and green on it.  It had no snap so I decided to use the deli paper I made.  Not a bad choice....I should have known when to stop!!

OK not bad!  I definitely should have stopped.
But no I didn't....what a mistake!

The idea of the boxes wasn't bad to put the words in.  I should have NEVER touched the black marker!!!! It was a tragic mistake!

I had to fix it so I repainted the background to kill some of that tragic black marker.  


Not my best!
I was definitely distracted by the black sharpie!!!
But its good to make mistakes! Live and learn....Beware of the black Sharpie!

Hopefully the next one will be better!


  1. both spreads are amazing... o.k. Erin's spread maybe is a little bit more beautiful than yours - but don't be disappointed - that is because she is a natural artist... we adults never can work so free as a child do! LOL!
    What a talented pretty girl you have!
    Thank you for sharing your and your little daughters art!

  2. this post made me laugh.. I had the same experience the other day after I got a little zealous outlining my words... they had looked better before without the outlining, almost like stained glass...and I thought the outlining made the page look pedestrian...but who cares? it is a journal page. thanks for sharing.

  3. I agree with you Susi.... I think kids have it so much easier... no fears it is what it is and if you don't like it its ok! if not its your problem!

  4. Miriam.... I think we all do things that make us feel like... What did I do!?!?! But that what makes the journal so great. Be fearless without mistakes...oh and a glass or two of wine after the post helps!!!