Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Junque Journal

Hooked on Books!

I love making books!
I've had my eye on making this one for a while...

This is Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's
on-line class
Make Your Own Junque Journal

it was....


I loved the way the book came out.
Her step by step instructions were great!

I'am finding the best thing about the on-line classes
so far is that you can pause and repeat!
You didn't get something....
listen again!!!

They were easy to follow instructions..
I highly recommend this class!!!

Like I've said before its hard not to get sucked 
into other peoples style, to keep it
authentically you.....
so for the cover I used a color copy of
one of my gelli prints....

and went from there...

full front cover

back cover


detail front

Here's a look at the first page...

Thank you Julie for such a great book!

Thanks for stopping by...


  1. Stunning cover...love to see more of it!! Just wonderful!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. OOH! That class looks amazing! After reading your post, I went and checked out the class and I really want to make one now!

    Thank you for sharing your journal. I love the cover and would love to see more of it as well. ;)

  3. Fabulous book! I really enjoyed seeing the product you could make following an online course. Online courses work well for me. I'd love to take more in-person classes, but the online format means I have access to more classes than I would otherwise be able to manage. The rewind, re-view aspect is great too. Anyway, your product has convinced me that I need to put this course on my wish list!

    Thanks for posting it.

    1. Thx for stopping by Linda! I would love more in-person classes too but really can't seem to find any in my area. I just ventured into the online classes, have to say its working well! If you do make a book please share a picture! Would love to see it!

  4. what a brilliant looking art book! I too have come to really love online classes. And actually, my very first was the stamp carving class by Julie FF Balzer-excellent!! I've been hooked ever since:)

  5. I also took Julie Balzar's Junque Journal class....one of the best classes I've ever taken. My journal turned out beautifully. I was able to add pages to it that were art pages my daughter has given me and my grandson's had done in grammar school. They are in my journal along with a lot of my own artwork and I still have pages that I can work on. This Junque Journal is very sentimental to me and I absolutely treasure it. I'm so happy you shared your journal with us, Denise....it's so creative, colorful and YOU! Julie Balzar has a lot more classes that are just wonderful...I'm so happy you introduced her to your fans. Good job on the journal!!!

    1. Thank you Sue! I have a question for you, how did you add more pages? Did you tape them in?
      Thank you for visiting my blog!!!!

    2. Hi, Denise
      I added my families pages from the start. I would make sure they were the center page of a signature so I wouldn't have to tear them down the middle (you know how big children's sheets of paper are?) making them part of my Junque Journal. That's one reason I loved making the Junque Journal...you can use anything for your pages...magazine, folders, calendars, or add your own art work that's just laying around.
      I did have a couple of too narrow sheets I put in...they were wide enough to go past the center so I could add them. After the Junque Journal was made, I was able to finish those pages by taping artwork to the narrow strip it created. Am I making any sense? I've also seen Julie add pages by just taping them in...anything goes and I love that about the Junque Journals.

  6. Beautiful work.....!
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. What a fabulous journal Denise, you must be thrilled.
    It's beautiful. I really like the idea of this class so might take a peek myself.
    Thank you so much for sharing ;D