Thursday, June 4, 2015

DLP 21

Mat Theme:
Touchy Feely Texture

Art Challenge: Cheesecloth
Journal Prompt: Say Cheese

All I can think of for this one is
is my cheesy daughter.....

this one was a bit difficult....

cheesecloth was really annoying!!!

I used it for the cake & the shirt..

So on my phone i have a cheesy picture of my daughter
& the cake she made at girl scouts...
she couldn't wait to dive into it!!!

heres how it went...

the picture, i made a high contrast black & white to 
make it easier to redraw...

gesso & draw!

add cheesecloth...
ugh.....let dry....ugh!!!!

paint face, acrylics & crayon

wait some more for the cheesecloth to dry!!!!

I think I used too much matte medium!!!
Ugh let dry some more!!!

Yeah Dry!!! Add color...

the words....

and done!!!!

Not a fan of cheesecloth!!

thanks for stopping bye!

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