Sunday, June 14, 2015


This months theme at AJJM is 

which leads itself to a wide range

how the theme is interpreted can be anything!!

this is what i came up with..
i feel like theres so much imagery coming at us
that sets us up for unrealistic expectations.
i guess as my daughter gets older and makes comments
i notice them more, mind you she is only 9 but very
aware of the way media represents woman.
i am trying to instill a healthy view and eat healthy rather 
than worry about size and shape.

so i looked at older images and its amazing how this
has been the norm for the female figure...
so heres my take on the theme...

looked for some images to transfer..

gel transfer...

ok this next step was a huge mistake!!
don't know what i was thinking so it took a while to fix!!

a few coats of gesso later and i was able to add color...

used my neocolor crayons to add color to the figures
and splatters to the page...

some old pages to stamp the text onto...
and found wash take that looks like a ruler...

and done...

thanks ladies at AJJM

check them out!

thx for stopping by!!


  1. This is fabulous Denise! Love the colors and the design!
    Thank you very much for joining Art Journal Journey!


  2. Fantastic journal-spread, thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey, Valerie

  3. Love your page for AJJ!


  4. Love your page, and agree so much with your quote. Wouldn't it be nice if we all had the figured to wear those 1950's classics and look so beautiful in them?

  5. Fabulous page, fabulous attitude!! Ideal is unreal because it's a fantasy! Everyone has a different shape to begin with. I think woman are really working on changing attitudes....let's hope it works! Gorgeous work!

    Hugs Giggles