Saturday, October 18, 2014

Who, Who Goes There...

Another deep in the forest scene....

Another AJJM for this months theme..
Although not as dark as the others!

This is for Phil, Nick, & Erin camping in the woods with the owls!
Went with them last night to see the camp site, it was dark, very dark.
It definitely does heighten your other senses!
We heard all of the cool!

Heres how the page went....

Picking supplies

Painting the background

A little stamp texture


The Trees....

Selecting paper for the owls, I didn't want to just paint them.
Was very unsure about this I don't work with paper that way
I was getting very frustrated, but I kept going..

Added paint, & more!

That middle guy didn't come out as crisps the other two...Oops!


A little of this and that..
Some detail shots...

And the finished page...

Have fun in the woods!!!

Thanks For stopping by!!!


  1. Gorgeous page, love how you made it! Valerie

  2. Really fascinating to have you lead us through your artistic process. I love your cheeky owls. Happy PPF Emma x

  3. I adore your style.... it's all your own and I would recognize it anywhere!! Beautiful work!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. So great! Thank you for sharing your process!


  5. This looks AMAZING Denise..and it's fabulous to see the process... Thank you so much for sharing - this is such a great it - I love owls and yours are fantastic here!
    Thank you in the name of ART JOURNAL JOURNEY Party!
    Happy Sunday!

  6. Oh this is tremendous! I so enjoyed seeing you making it and have looked through your process three times. I really, really like your owls in the forest, the way you have made the two types of trees and the three owls and I like the way you have made the words too, they are just right. I think the middle owl may have just woken up!
    Yes, it's a great piece!

  7. Oh thats funny! I will go with he is the sleepy owl!!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I loved seeing how you made this wonderful piece. I was totally fascinated. Wow!

  9. Fabulous artwork! Your working process photos are so good. I like your style very much. Very creativ!
    Have a good new week.
    Dear Greetings

  10. What a process! I love your owls... and the tree branches! Lovely work. xx

  11. I love your final artwork and enjoyed watching it progress.

  12. This is such a wonderful technique. Well done.