Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fall Pumpkin

This ones for my mom.....

She's always asking me to make her

I finally did,
I feel like I'am 5 and should put magnets on it for her fridge! 
Here's how it went..

Finding the stuff !!!
Hmmmm What to use!!

Adhering the stuff!!!!
So it looks like something.....

So that was Sunday! 
By the time I got back to it it was Friday night!
But I got it finished!!!
A little orange....

Some background color...
I put dabs of green, blue & white around the canvas
and spread it around with an old key card, and off course my fingers!!

Then I decided it needed more texture, so with it wet
I chose a stencil to pull the color back through, 
This exposed some of the original collage....
Yeah! Exactly what I wanted...
so nice when something works the way you want it!!

Some green.....

Some black...and Distress Tea Stain for the edges...
Also ran it across the canvas to tone it down a bit...

A detail....

And Done....

Mom...Hope you Like!!
We'll find out tonight!!!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Great picture. Happy PPF, Annette x

  2. The final image is very beautiful! Happy Creative Every Day:)

  3. I enjoyed. "watching" the pumpkin being painted, it's a lovely arty pumpkin, love all the textures you've painted into it and the shape, with its leaves and the twirly bit at the top.

  4. What a wonderful fat happy orange pumpkin! I love the graceful green leaf twirls.