Friday, April 10, 2015

DLP #14 & AJJM

All Caught up for now!!
Two for One!!!

April Theme
Color Safari (exploring inks & paints)

Art Challenge:

Journal Prompt:
Its water under the bridge

so this didn't go the way i wanted...
oh well!!!
here's how it went....

so i got my inspiration...
thanks Monet!!

so i got out those watercolors i bought on sale!!
should have stuck to old reliable crayola!!

used blue tape to make a border....
mistake#2!  when i took the tape off it pulled the paper off!!
sketched out picture...

blocked in color....

really wasn't liking the way the paper reacted with the watercolor...
didn't seem to move...
started to build up colors...

after i finished painting i peeled the tape...
and ripped the paper!!!

i couldn't leave it alone so i grabbed my sign black pen and 
did some loose drawing...
also added some white sharpie paint marker..
and the quote....

and finished...

didn't come out the way i thought..
oh well can't have them all!!!

thx for stopping by!!


  1. The colours are lovely and the illustration really is connected to your quote. I like the added touch of your black marker.

    Here is a hint: Before you apply your tape around the border, tap your tape against your shirt or pants to collect some fuzz off of them, this makes the tape less sticky. Pull the tape at a 90 degree angle and go slowly and evenly when pulling it off. You will less likely rip your page.

    Thanks for sharing! I so enjoy watercolour paintings!

    1. Thanks for the tip! Didn't know the trick!

    2. Great tip, Renee....I didn't know that either. I tried it this morning and it worked like a charm. Thanks!

  2. Beautiful work, thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey. I would appreciate it if you would make a link to our blog in your post! Valerie

  3. Fabulous spread Denise! Thank you for linking to Art Journal Journey! We would love to see also a link to our Challenge!

  4. Denise, I think it is lovely...good job!

  5. Lovely to see your creative steps and your final spread is gorgeous.
    That is a brilliant quote too!