Friday, November 7, 2014

Mondrian Inspired

This month on AJJM, the challenge is to be inspired.......

"Curves are so emotional."

This one is inspired by Piet Mondrian....

Heres how it went....

First my Inspiration......

Not your typical Mondrian!

For the background......

Gesso'd page because I wanted to use acrylic paint...


First The Sun.....
I used the cardboard to stamp the 
vertical & Horizontal Lines

Painted ....

A little orange to compliment...
Grey stamped lines...

A little white around the edges...

Tree Inspiration.....

I also stamped the tree to created the curves lines..

More orange and lines....

The Words...

"Curves are so emotional"
         - Piet Mondrian

And Done!

Hope you enjoyed!

Heres a video of the work in progress....
Let me know what you think!
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Greatly Appreciated!!!!


  1. very nice tutorial. Love the colors and texture

  2. I love that you showed the process. Your use of colour is very nice and how you painted in layers. The movement in the tree is wonderful. I love Piet Mondrian and love your idea of emulating his work.

  3. Nothing like the Piet Mondrian I think of when I see his name, but this is simply gorgeous. Very, very impressive. Circles are always fun.

  4. Fantastic piece! Love how you made it. Valerie

  5. This is just GORGEOUS- a fabulous painting Denise and I enjoyed your progress Video a lot !JUST fabuous- Thank you for sharing and thank you for supporting AJJ so well with this fantastic entry!
    Happy weekend !

  6. Oh my goodness, Denise, this is totally amazing. I enjoyed seeing your photos as you went along and didn't understand how you had "stamped" the tree but then I saw your video too. I loved seeing how you painted and stamped and all the details you added to give such a very good artwork.
    What a great addition to AJJ.

  7. Thank you for the emergence process of this marvelous picture in the video!
    I have been astonished at the use from paper to stamp with… a great idea!
    Very inspiring work!

  8. your process and inspiration!! Brilliant work!!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Lovely! It's always so interesting to see the process. The final result is beautiful. xx

  10. Really neat and how fun to see your process on how the piece developed.

  11. Really love this! So much movement, so much joy .... Wonderful piece!

  12. A beautiful page love the step by step.

  13. Thank you for linking this with Feline Art Friday, hope to see you back soon,