Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Left Over Paint

If you are like me and you love stencils but are afraid to use them, force yourself! I recently subscribed to the Stencil Girl Club.  Great products!  I have decided to get out of my comfort zone, creatively speaking!  Starting this blog, forcing myself to use new products, taking classes, getting out of my comfort zone!
The art teacher in me wants no paint to get wasted, so I started a stencil book.  Any paint left over from a project gets put into the small Strathmore mixed media journal, waiting to be created.  Thats where Stencil Girl comes in.  Each page is a challenge to create something new from the leftover paint and the stencil.  So far I have three done, 4 more pages that are waiting, and another package from Stencil Girl in the mail, ah the pressure!
Let me know what you think!
This is the original painting that had the left over paint.  The flowers are stamped with toilet paper tubes, then the before and after of the stencil pages.


  1. I am awful about wasting the left over paint as I never could see how to use it. I am going to try this. will have to get a journal this week just for this!

    1. Hi Diane, let me know how it goes! I still have more pages to work on and some ideas spinning around in my head! It really is a challenge, I feel like I am working backwards!