Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pop Art Inspired

A journal page for AJJM.....Inspired by the Masters...
Pop Art
Roy Lichtenstein

AT school one of the classes is doing onomatopoeia's,
and our inspiration artist is Roy Lichtenstein...

Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Liechtenstein

A link to see more about Lichtenstein

I had the kids draw words randomly....
one of the words was tic-tock...
not sure about you...
 But I know its the beginning of the year..
BUT I already feel like time is flying...
so much to do so little time...
so this is what I came up with...
my own pop art...
where has the time gone!

here's how it went...

The Girl!!

The Background...

Putting it all together...

A look over my shoulder....

Detail of Page...

Finished page...

O.K. so after I was done and went back and looked at it..
I realized I drew Daphne from Scooby Doo!!
I didn't mean too!
I was just trying to make sure I wasn't copying the inspiration exactly!
Oh well!
I got a good laugh!
So did my family!


  1. I loved the video! Funny but I used the same background on a canvas and my husband likes it because it makes him think of back to the future?

  2. AMAZING Denise!
    I so love to see the progress of the page again!
    Thank you for showing us - fab is the video as well!
    Wishing you more time for ART in 2015,
    you are so busy with all that!
    Love to see your creations!
    Thank you for this fantastic contribution to Inspired by the Masters!

  3. Thanks for sharing your wonderful piece with Art Journal Journey, and for the video. Valerie

  4. It was a pleasure, to have a look over your shoulder!
    I love to see your art à la Lichtenstein, one of my popArt favorites.

  5. Wow, this is just great! Pop it does. xox

  6. Great journal page and I love the Lichtenstein inspiration!