Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer Challenge.......Elements of a perfect vacation

Another List Challenge, thanks to Miriam Schulman!

They look like those magnetic stickers!!
 As I was making this and it went in another direction.  The shape started to remind me of those magnetic car stickers!  Thats not what I started with! I was thinking surf boards..... but that was all wrong!!

So as a family we are all going on vacation in 2 weeks...well not all...my family is crazy huge! I am one of six, youngest, a twin, and 44 years old.  We all have kids so the Christmas dinner table is huge!  Its special because my twin sister is going.  A year ago she suffered from a stroke....CRAZY...so life has been CRAZY.  I don't know what normal is anymore.
We are so happy she wants to go! So my elements of a perfect vacation aren't so much about tangible things but how things can be!  So here's the process.....

I printed out some words that are synonyms of the word Harmony.  Thats what I am hoping for.
Ok so after watching some you-tube videos I don't have any fancy machine to create words for me to stencil (brother scan & cut ) so I do have workable fixative! I used that and sprayed the pages so I can put them to the journal page with matte medium without them smearing everywhere..it did work!

So I am learning   to pick a paint palette and try to stick with it.  So there it is...going to stick with it! A few analogous colors and a compliment.

Page painted and words applied!
Homemade stencil!!! Pasta box Die cut!!!!

Completed painting...before Gel Pens....Love Gel Pens!!

Added some border color, and Black Gel Pen over the words....
.Now they remind me of those stickers! Definitly NOT surf boards!

The background has some white gel pen doodling, and writing in the border.
Fisihed Page

Thanks Miriam for another challenge!!!!!

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