Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Shculman Art Challenge.......Hoarding vs Harmony

 Sorry a little late getting this done, its been hectic!
But this is a topic thats always on my mind!  I hate clutter!
I can't function, I find myself often cleaning before I do something so everything is in order!

I ended up doing this spread over a couple of days...even though its not terribly complicated I just kept getting distracted.  Which was good because I wasn't sure of the direction it was going to go in.

When Erin and I made these journals we used stop&shop bags.  Repurpose!!!  I knew I wanted to incorporate whatever came my way with that big purple logo of theres.
So I turned the page and there it was!  Hmmm....What to do!

I added Gesso and walked away!!!
For  a few days!

I wiped away the gesso where the word stop was. 
I thought that could be useful.
The day before I made that stamp using foam shapes....
ironically some of the clutter we've been cleaning up!!

Today...a few days later I was able to start.  
I liked the purple so I figure I would use that color scheme, with some pink.  
Not my usual go to colors!
I just used an old key card to drag the color.

Ready for the stamp.  
I was going to use the page like this....until I turned it to stamp it!
 Instead of an AHA moment I had a duh moment....just turn the page.
Before that I wasn't sure how I was going to use the purple stop.

This made so much more sense! Duh...turn the page!!!

After that I was off and running..or journaling!

The background is a rambling of everything that is a collection
or just clutter that we are trying to take care of over the summer.

Thanks Miriam!!!!!

Erin decided to put her challenge into action.  She cleaned out her drawers and organized them.
Went through clothes that she wanted to donate, then turned and asked if every challenge was a list!
It was very funny! I said to her this is the seventh one and your just realizing!
She is at day camp this week so hopefully she will get to hers soon, although it made her want to clean her room!!!


  1. i love the handmade stamp and I love that this inspired your daughter to clean her room... wish my kids would do that.