Thursday, August 21, 2014

Schulman Summer Art Challenge

Two For The Road........One for now!

What Made today so special?

The day after Miriam posted this my daughter Erin was in a great mood.  When I picked her up from soccer camp and asked her how was it she said "I had a great Day!"  I was amazed I usually get.... fine.  She was so happy! So this is what stuck with me and will for a long time, considering she didn't even want to go to the camp!

For such a simple looking page it actually had a lot of steps!

Taped & Gesso'd the page 
(had to tape the center this is where the two signatures met, 
and after all this is a grocery bag!)

My inspiration.. Romero Britto, his images are so happy!
A while ago I made a pencil drawing from a photo of Nick & Erin.

Then changed it into a Britto style drawing.  
I use his artwork at school, the kids easily relate to him,
and they see his work in different places. I used this 
as a guide for a new drawing.

I used a printout of words, not loving my handwriting lately,
so I use this as a guide.  I spay it with workable fixative then add
it in with gel medium.
And onto painting!

Finished Page

Off course some patterns in areas

What made today special?
A Happy Girl!!

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