Friday, July 14, 2017

A Little Canvas Play...

Playing with Jessica Sporn Designs Stencils
I made a canvas for my daughter Erin...

When I received Jessica’s Born to Be Wild Animals stencil 
it reminded me of my daughter, 
not that she’s a wild child!  

That she loves animals and has an incredible spirit.  For this Design Team contribution I decided to make a canvas for my daughter Erin.  Using three of Jessica Sporn’s stencils I created a bright, positive piece of artwork for Erin. I started off painting my canvas in bright colors, then I used a texture plate to add interest.   Next I used a reductive stenciling technique that gives a subtle and interesting look to the image.  A little detailing with Stabillo pencils and water, and done.  I hope you enjoy the video!

10x10 Canvas
Acrylic paints
Jessica Sporn’s Stencils found at:
Stabillo Pencils
Faber Castel Black Gelato
Deco Arts Americana Sealer

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