Sunday, May 21, 2017

Finishing the Book

I finished the Book!

I fumbled....
I got Frustrated...

Finishing the book!  
Watch as I fumble my way through completing my book.  
Using Jessica’s stencil Hearts Flowers and More,  
I cleaned up the inside of my book creating end pages. 
A few finishing touches and it was done!  
Now there are completed pages and pages ready for more of Jessica Sporn’s stencils and stamps! 
  So enjoy the process, and create a mess!  
See what happens when your not afraid to make mistakes!  
Or watch me make a few!

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The Supplies:

Hearts Flowers and More Stencil

Assorted Papers
Deco Arts Matte Medium
Double Stick Tape
Deco Arts Interference Gold

Acrylic Paint
            Titan Buff

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  1. I loved the video of you making your book, Denise! You're a creative genius and a gifted artist. Don't know if I have the time to make a book like yours, but now I know how to proceed if I decide to give it a shot. I'm especially fond of your use of Whole Foods (or other) grocery bags. That I *will* try as it's an economical way to keep painting without worrying about having to make a beautiful piece each time. Thanks for you informative and fun video!