Thursday, February 9, 2017

Jessica Sporn Designs Team Post

For the Love Of Coffee!!

I used ...

For the Love of Coffee!!  Nothing to serious … just coffee!  I used Jessica Sporn’s Coffee Stencil to create a series of Pop Art inspired canvases.  I isolated pieces of the stencil and created “master’ sheets to photocopy from.  I then used those sheets to collage the backgrounds for the paintings.   Watch! Be inspired! Enjoy a cup of coffee!

and it turned into a series....

The Supplies:

Coffee Stencil
Deco Arts Mixed Media Kit
·      Gesso             
·      Matte Medium
·      Fluid Acrylic cadmium red hue
·      Fluid Acrylic Primary Yellow

Golden Acrylic Glazing Medium

10x10 canvas

The Process...

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