Thursday, October 29, 2015

Gratitude Boxes With Jessica Sporn

 This Past Sunday I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon
at Jessica Sporn's studio with some very lovely ladies.
Tery, Ellen, Estrella, Carole, Sandy,
and of course Jessica!

Through Jessica's Meet-up group she gave a class
on Mixed Media Gratitude Boxes...

Here are some photo's from the day and my finished box...

All of the ladies hard at work

Jessica & Carole

Estrella & Sandy

Ellen & Carole



Some shots of my work in progress...


me basiclly glueing my box shut!!!
Then trying to open it with an X- acto knife

top done!  Almost!!!

So this is what my piece looked like when we left the class...

I have problems where I can never leave anything alone!!
So it sat for a few days on my table until I played with it again...

I added more paint, white gel pen, stabilo pencil and some
writing on the inside.....
then said done!!!

Art is such great therapy...
Its my therapy....
my escape from my story...
when your with a group everyone has a story...
Everyone is willing to share their story...
I don't think I'am in that place yet...
Lets just say the last 2 and a half years have been a hell of a story!
Maybe I will share one day...
but for know I just like the escape!

This is my keep box for my Dad
 two of the things i have from him..

Please keep watching over us...
Be Good!

To learn more about Jessica Sporn visit her Blog

the group!

Than you for stopping by!!!


  1. What a great post. I'm so glad you were able to create something to house memories of your dad. Your box is beautiful!

  2. Stunning box Denise. I am always a fan of yours and I have loved watching Jessica evolve over the years too.. so lucky to create with such a bright spirit. And yes we all have a story...some tougher than others and it is so cathartic to create and purge some sadness and anger. I hope one day you feel strong enough to share!!

    Big hugs Giggles

  3. your box is beautiful and how wonderful to take a class from jessica sporn. I'm so glad I have ART. ART does save, art helps us get through, not necessarily over the pain. I am glad you are creating though your pain.

  4. I love your box - and that whole idea. It looks/sounds like so much fun to take a class and/or get together to create with others and share however much one wants to. I totally believe in the healing/helping power of art!

  5. This is beautiful stencil work! I am always trying to find another way to use all of the stencils that I have. I often feel that I don't get all of use out of them the way that I should. Beautiful box. I'm sure your father would feel quite honored to be remembered in such a wonderful work of love and heart. <3

  6. That looks like SO much fun. I love the box you made, too--so lovely.

  7. Love the box, I am inspired to try my hand at a box. I am anxious to find the right box and get started. Can you give the resource for this box and it's dimensions? It seems just the right size for a great design.

  8. Yes box of gratitude is just beautiful. a really strong design element going on!