Friday, October 9, 2015

DLP # 32 Speak to Your younger self

August Theme
Faces, the Human Form & Characters

August 22nd  challenge

Art Challenge: Layered (Using Multiple mediums)

Journal Prompt: Speak to your younger self-
what advice would you offer

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Documented Life Project
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I went back and found this old drawing that 
someone had made of me and two of my sisters...

Its funny to look at it!
I remember when we looked like that!
I don't know who did it all I know is my mom had given it to me a long time ago,
I have it in my studio...

thats Debbie, Cathe, and me

I used it for inspiration...
I gesso'd and put some random color on the page
I wanted to keep it light and bright...
after all we are children of the 80's!(and late 70's)

I thought i took pictures as I drew but i guess i didn't...

I redrew the picture of me on the right side in pencil,
then went over it with a black ink pen

put lines on the right...

and wrote myself a letter...

Simple, but done!!!

Almost done with August...
just have to post the last one! 
Only a month behind! 
I'am determined to catch up!!

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. How wonderful! The inspiration and the result of it are lovely!

  2. what a wonderful thing to find... and I think you captured its spirit beautifully in your page...xx

  3. How perfectly wonderful. I often speak to my younger self. I wonder what she would have done in my place--but that is an odd thought to be sure! :D I love your artwork, my dear.

  4. Great that you have that memento from your past. Loved seeing how it inspired this spread. The colors you used have a very romantic feeling that gives you that time travel feel. Well done. Glad I stopped by.

  5. That is great you found "younger" art. Great character and emotion.