Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Catching Up On The Documented Life Project

May 2...challenge....

Trying to catch up!!!

The Fabric of My Life.....

May Theme: Touchy Feely Texture
Art Challenge: Fabric
Journal Prompt: The Fabric of your life

so how many of you are a little lost on this months challenges...
i dont sew, so its a bit of a challenge!

when i go to the art/craft store i always check out the dollar bins..
glad i do! They come in handy!
i used a couple in this months challenge.....

ok i have to work on using inks!!!
can you see the ink still through the page before!!
i am working on it!! 
I will post that soon!

cover up that mess with gesso!!!
lots of gesso!!

my dollar find!!!
Now how to use it!!!

that little burlap bag....

i painted the page..
adhered the key part..
made some black border....

little heart trinket...

and done....

trying not to overthink things!!!

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  1. I love these pages - and these are the days of our lives ~
    Sandy xx