Sunday, January 17, 2016

Color Me Positive Weekly Challenge

 So Iam jumping a little ahead of myself with my blog posts for challenges...
I haven't finished my DLP book yet....
Still have a few to post & make,
and this is the week 2 challenge for
Color Me Positive
check it out at.....

Its already been a long year...
still trying to wrap my head around the past 2 weeks...
creating helps.....

The monday after new years my mom had a massive stroke,
she passed away at home on thursday.

i don't think i've had a full nights sleep since.
As i write this i still get tears, she had a full life, lots of kids,
laughs, hardships.  
although she was 83 you would have never have known it.
we still bowled on tuesday nights...she was having a great season!

If you have a nurse in your family, give them a great big hug!
My sister Peggy is amazing...and i don't think that word is enough!
She took such incredible care of my mom...always....
and in her last days.
The morning my mom died (she was in hospice at home, Peggy the
primary care giver) Mom lay in her hospital bed,
peggy and i with her, what do you want to watch mom, as we joked...
we ended up watching a morning show....
the girl who sings the fight song was on, and played that song,
we sat sobbing, then pulled it back together as hospice services were coming.
That was the only time I've seen Peggy cry....not that she doesn't care but
she has this amazing way of being strong.  
So this is for you mom, and you peggy
the strength of our family.....

here's how it went....

i decided to do this book as separate pages
then bind it at the end


molding paste

paint & glazing medium

wipe off

more glazing medium & paint on wings

a little color

don't know why i used this....
i wanted to use clear gesso

i had tried to transfer the inkjet and it didn't work
so i went back to a good old fashioned transfer
with pencil.  then hand painted on top.  
i wanted to do a transfer 
because i tend to miss spell when i paint!

on the back of the pages i decided to write some notes to myself
either about the prompt or whatever.

so kinda doing this book as an unbook first!
Will figure it out later

Hug a nurse today!!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Denise I cried as I read this. You created a beautiful tribute as you worked through your feelings. You and your sister were a blessing to your mom. Xoxo

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. Your piece is such a beautiful tribute for a woman who has obviously played a very important role in your life.

  3. My mom passed away almost 29 years ago and when I hear someone has lost their mom, it all comes back fresh as though it was yesterday. I am sorry for your loss. I love the piece you did. When my mom died I did a collage of pics for my 4 brothers and my sister and a large one for myself. That was before I started doing art.

  4. Thinking of you during this difficult time.

  5. I'm so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you!