Wednesday, February 11, 2015

DLP # 5


January Theme
The Blank Page & How to Face it!

Ast Challenge

Journal Prompt
What Lies Beneath

What is Underpaper!!!

It's the paper you use to wipe your brush, 
clean a stencil off, wipe your fingers off!

I didn't have much around...
so I used the scraps and under paper 
from my snow day gelli printing.... 
so off course it looks like the printed pieces!!

Here's some picts...

Taped center & applied scraps...

Gesso on top to tone it down...

Some more of the scraps...

Stamped some hearts...homemade stamp...

Stamped sentiment.....

Some gel pen and done!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Be Safe!!!


  1. This looks really wonderful!
    Because I also can't throw away my underpapers, I use the paper remains similarly as you do and love the surprising results at the end.