Thursday, December 15, 2016

Happy Holiday's Inspired Art

Holiday Artwork Inspired By Andy Warhol

Not your typical Warhol inspired art!!!!

Everyone is very familiar with the Pop art by Andy Warhol.
But..... when he was starting out he was a graphic designer/illustrator.
He used a method called the blotted line technique.  Basicly its a printing method
where you trace and flip off of a master drawing.
The line quality that it gives you is really nice...a blotted line.
I've used this method before and really enjoy doing it.
I thought I'ld give this one a mixed media twist.

Here's how it went..........

Inspiration....Thanks Andy!!

Hmmm.... know ornaments....
Thanks Internet!!

Test method....

Gather some old book pages and begin!

Create "Master Drawing"

Register papers....



Add color & stencil...
( I wanted to use stencils to keep a graphic look)


Begin Background...

Ok not that tag....way to ugly!
Don't know what I was thinking!!!!

O.K.....much better!!!!

Some shading with charcoal pencil and....


A video too!!!!

Thank you to AJJM for such a great month of inspiration!  
I love art history!
I think its so amazing that artists may only be known for one style
 when they have such an amazing and diverse amount of work!

More about Andy Warhol's technique

For More information about Andy Warhol go to..

Happy Holidays
Comments Greatly appreciated!!!


  1. Very nice soft colors. Loved seeing your process!

  2. Very festive! You are on a roll!

  3. Loved the finished results.

    Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. AMAZING! I love your ideas and that you show us your process as well...
    Thank you so much for another fantastic contribution to Art Journal Journey!
    Happy WEEKEND to you!

  5. Wonderful work Denise! Glad you have enjoyed this month, I certainly did. Thanks for another great contribution to Art Journal Journey, Valerie

  6. It turned out beautifully and thanks for sharing your process!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Lovely, thanks for sharing your process!

  8. these look just spectacular. They'll make terrific cards. I've gotta figure that out soon!

  9. I loved how you did that page, and showed the video, I am going to give it a try